profileOriginally from Texas, Theresa Morgan moved to the Bay Area to pursue a degree in painting at the Academy of Art University. She is a member of the Berkeley Artist Guild and has exhibited work in several shows and competitions. She also won 1st place in contemporary painting at the 2014 AAU Spring Show. Theresa grew up homeschooled in the Texas countryside and always paid attention to the little things she would notice around her. This empathy for the world developed into a desire to capture it in drawings and paintings. Keeping a sketchbook always close at hand, Theresa is always exploring ideas; sometimes they stay forgotten in a sketchbook or oil study and other times develop into paintings or series. Theresa aims to draw attention to the beauty all around us, especially that which is often unnoticed in the little moments of daily life. Currently Theresa lives in Berkeley, CA and is a senior at AAU.

My work explores the people and environments which are close to me or significant in my life. I aim to find what is interesting in what is ordinary; an appreciation for the every day experience. Through close observation, I use the versatility of oil paints to capture the interesting abstractions found in even the simplest of objects. My desire is to carry conviction through my work; I use bold brushwork and layering of colors to convey my impressions of the subject. My work is centered on drawing attention to what we might otherwise take for granted. My work is always evolving with my growing empathy and understanding of the world around me, drawing inspiration from my daily experience.